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SADC - Business Mentoring

Gaétan Denis, an entrepreneur, but also an experienced mentor

He coaches entrepreneurs as a volunteer, contributing his experience to inform them, help them gauge situations more precisely and hone their business skills. “Building on my experience, I suggest different ways of looking at an issue, thus supporting the mentee in the decision-making process. Over time, as we continue to meet, I become a key business confidant. What’s in it for me? I get to see the mentee become self-aware and gain self-confidence. I love volunteering to help businessmen and businesswomen grow.”


Marco Fournier, astute businessman, but also a mentee

A Clinique de Physiothérapie Arsenault Joncas Fournier shareholder since 2008, Marco is being coached by Gaétan, a Réseau M mentor. “Our meetings have not only helped me fine-tune my critical thinking and my capacity to resolve problems, they have also helped me build my negotiation and communication skills. He encourages and motivates me. He asks me the right questions. I feel less alone and more confident. I recommend the Réseau M business mentoring service offered by the Gaspé SADC.” For more details, call 418-368-2906 or visit

SADC de Gaspé

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