The SADC of Gaspé offers Mentoring services by and for entrepreneurs of the MRC of the Gaspe coast.  This service is offered by successful business women and men with a desire to share their experience by volunteering with new entrepreneurs.


Qualified people chose to be trained to offer a quality accompaniment.  This service makes it possible to accelerate de development of competences.  Being in a mentor/mentored relation allows the person to take a step back to better evaluate their options and to make their own decisions.  The mentoring service concentrates on the entrepreneur and his/her experiences.

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Louiselle Henry, Alban Arsenault, Gaétan Denis, Paul-Émile Beaudin, Sylvain Lagacé, Claudine Roy.
Who are mentors ?

Mentors are volunteers who wish to share the wealth of their experience and knowledge to help someone else. A distinction must be made between the role of a mentor and that of other advisors: counsellors provide guidance, coaches develop specific skills and consultants recommend, but mentors provide moral support and motivation. They are generally recognised for their

  • Personal values;

  • Business-sense and expertise;

  • Experience, past successes and knowledge;

  • Ability to guide and provide feedback;

  • Ability to listen and communicate;

  • Availability to help a less-experienced entrepreneur;

  • Willingness to listen to the professional experiences of other entrepreneurs (successes, failures, difficulties); and

  • Network of contacts.

What do mentors do?

  • Listen and question;

  • Offer new perspectives on problems encountered;

  • Help identify possible solutions;

  • Encourage winning attitudes;

  • Share their critical sense; and

  • Keep discussions confidential.

How do mentors benefit?
Mentoring lets entrepreneurs

  • Contribute to an effective changing of the guard in the business workforce;

  • Bequeath or pass on to others their knowledge and experience (successes and failures);

  • Share in the successes of the entrepreneurs they mentor;

  • Remain active and give new meaning to their professional experiences as entrepreneurs or business leaders;

  • Contribute to the economic development of their regions through the success of SMEs; and

  • Develop new relationships within groups that shares similar values.

Who are protégés ?

Any entrepreneur whose business is located in the area served by the SADC de Gaspé and who is eligible for the Business Mentorship program may become a protégé. Protégés are

  • Business owners who want to progress, learn and evolve;

  • Persons who are ready to listen and share their experiences with others;

  • Entrepreneurs who want to expand, improve and develop their expertise and know-how with advice from an experienced entrepreneur or business leader;

  • Persons who are aware that they need support and assistance to complete a phase, surmount an obstacle or realise a project; and

  • Female entrepreneurs who want to receive specific advice from other businesswomen who may have had similar experiences.

How do protégés benefit?
Mentored entrepreneurs can

  • Clarify their personal and business goals;

  • Get input on their decisions;

  • Expose themselves to new points of view;

  • Gain access to a broader contact network;

  • Develop their business sense;

  • Increase their chances of success;

  • Improve their leadership abilities; and

  • Gain greater self-confidence.

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