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The Express loan program is for all businesses located in the MRC Côte-de-Gaspé  that are looking to take advantage of fast-tracked funding for needs that are immediate and often difficult to finance. This program offers a $5,000 fixed principle business loan repayable over a three-year (3) term.

Eligibility criteria

  • Having completed one fiscal year (accounting and taxes);

  • Supply financial statements for the last year;

  • Be in good financial condition;

  • Show equity of at least 15% of assets as of the last financial statements;

  • Annual minimum $10,000 salary for each promoter;

  • Supporting documents corresponding to the financing applied for;

  • The project must comply with our conflict of interest regulations;

  • No existing debt financing.


Terms and conditions

  • $5000 business loan (fixed amount);

  • Monthly reimbursement payments;

  • Term : 36 months;

  • Interest rate: Prime business rate of the Bank of Canada plus 4%;

  • Compulsory: $5000 personal guarantee (100%);

  • Life insurance is required.


Admissible activities

Any business.

SADC de Gaspé

Contact us

15, rue Adams, office 200,

Gaspé (Québec)

G4X 1E5

Phone : (418) 368-2906

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