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The mission of the SADC de Gaspé is notably to encourage and support the involvement of the population in taking charge of its own development by providing technical and financial assistance for sustainable development activities and projects.

The SADC de Gaspé has also chosen to focus its support in three areas:

  • Youth (entrepreneurship and the return of young people);

  • Tourism (tourism projects and new tourism niches)

  • Community leadership (facilitating, networking and partership).

Local Economic Development Activities


Local economic development activities are activities that allow the SADC de Gaspé to provide technical and financial assistance to the community, small enterprises and not-for-profit organisations by means of non-refundable contributions:


1-   Activities to support the community:

  • Activities to raise awareness and transfer knowledge about particular issues or problems;

  • Facilitating, consultancy and networking activities designed to encourage various actors to work together;

  • Activities to encourage the planning of local initiatives and high-benefit projects for community development;

  • In cooperation with other community stakeholders, activities to coordinate local economic development strategies, the ultimate goal being to implement a realistic action plan.

2-   Activities to support small enterprises and not-for-profit organisations:

  • Support activities (provided by in-house or outside consultants) consisting of advice and accompaniment to deal with various business-related issues (examples include advertising, promotion, human resources, management, etc.);

  • Activities conducive to the execution of studies and disgnostics;

  • Activities conducive to the organisation of events or conferences of a socio-economic nature.


N.B.: Non-refundable contributions vary depending on the cost of the project and the availabitiy of funds.

SADC de Gaspé

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Gaspé (Québec)

G4X 1E5

Phone : (418) 368-2906

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