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Besides providing you with technical support to develop and prepare your business project, we offer a financial aid program. The program provides guaranteed business loans up to$150,000 and more per company. This aid is to be used in conjunction with prior financing from financial institutions and must be used to acquire fixed assets and/or equipment needed to start up, acquire or expand a business. Investment fund loans are for a maximum ten-year (10) term and under certain conditions principle payments may be deferred for the first year.


Eligibility critera

  • The company’s primary business activities are carried out within the area served by the SADC de Gaspé ;

  • Most of the jobs created and/or maintained are located in the area served by the SADC de Gaspé;

  • The company is a for-profit business;

  • The project complies with conflictof-interest rules;

  • The project involves a priority sector designated by the SADC de Gaspé;

  • The project includes sufficient capital outlay

Terms and conditions

The maximum term is 10 years, including the possibility of a 12 month moratorium on capital.

Priority sectors

Fisheries and aquaculture ; forestry and agriculture ; manufacturing and processing ; tourism ; new economy (information technology, high tech sectors*). The trace and service sector is included, with exception.

* telecommunications, robotics, pharmacology, biotechnology, computer science, automation, recycling, wind energy, etc.

SADC de Gaspé

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15, rue Adams, office 200,

Gaspé (Québec)

G4X 1E5

Phone : (418) 368-2906

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