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Fonds d’aide et de relance régionale (FARR)

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FUND (RRRF - CFP) Phase 2


The FRRR CFP Phase 2 is delivered by the SADC (Sociétés d’aide au développement des collectivités) and CAE (Centres d’aide aux entreprises) of Quebec. Its purpose is to provide emergency financial assistance to businesses that are not eligible for other federal programs or those that have been refused assistance under these programs, to assure that they can remain operational.

Please note that a non-repayable contribution may also be offered for technical assistance. This assistance would be available even if the company received amounts from other measures of the Government of Canada.

The FRRR CFP is aimed at companies in regions covered by a SADC or a CAE. Companies located in the major centers of Quebec province (Montreal, Laval, Quebec, Lévis, Sherbrooke, Saguenay Chicoutimi and Jonquière sectors and the urban part of Gatineau can contact Canada Economic Development for component 2 of the RPSF.


Support businesses affected by the economic impacts of COVID-19 that have not received federal government support. This support takes the form of emergency financial assistance (working capital) which aims to help these businesses, if they lack liquidity or need technical expertise to remain operational.


•    Ad hoc and targeted initiative (until March 31, 2021)
•    Continuous reception of projects (until funds are spent)


•    Companies
•    Cooperatives
•    Non-profit organizations (NPOs)


•    Retail stores and local services
•    Social economy enterprises
•    Agro-food
•    Tourism for projects of $ 40k and less
•    Companies with a turnover of less than $ 250k (all sectors)
•    Self-employed
•    Start-up other than in manufacturing and value-added services
•    Companies already clients of a SADC or a CAE
For technical assistance contributions: all companies from all sectors of economic activity are eligible.


(working capital loans)

•    Loan to meet working capital requirements: maximum $ 60,000
•    The need for assistance must relate only to immediate (ad hoc) financial pressure on liquidity (working          capital for SMEs or cash requirement for NPOs) and must be a consequence of COVID-19
•    The need for assistance must be for a maximum of 6 months
•    The aid cannot be used for needs associated with the preparation for the recovery (eg: fixed assets and        equipment)
•    Possibility of capital moratorium and interest leave
•    Part of the non-repayable 40 000$ loan, 25%, if the loan is repaid completely before December 31, 2022

Part of the non-repayable 20 000$ loan, 50%, if the loan is repaid completely before December 31, 2022
•    Interest rate after moratorium, minimum P + 2, and P for social economy enterprises


•    The project must meet the objective of the initiative  
•    One project per client
•    The financial assistance of SADC-CAE is conditional that other federal programs in connection with COVID-19 has not previously been granted to the organization. 
•    SADC-CAE support must relate only to immediate (one-off) financial pressures on liquidity (working capital or cash requirements)
•    Support must have an incentive aspect
•    The company must have a post-COVID-19 viability perspective
•    Financial support must be consistent with other government measures:
-    The support could not compensate for additional liquidity needs if the company had access to other similar government measures 
-    The need for assistance must be demonstrated, including the assistance received from the provincial government and the municipalities
-    Financial viability must be demonstrated by the financial statements for the last financial year (if not available: tax reports).

Financial contribution for technical assistance

• Support must have an incentive aspect
• The company must have a post-COVID-19 viability perspective.
• Need for help must be demonstrated
• Technical assistance must be linked to the negative impact of COVID-19
• The SADC and CAE will assess with the companies the nature of the technical assistance and the                   financial needs.

If you need financial, in the form of a loan, and believe that your business meets these criteria, access the request form by clicking on this link: and send it to the SADC de Gaspé:

For any information about the program, dial 418-368-2906 ext. 3. 

For a technical assistance request, please fill this form:

 For any information about this program, dial 418-368-2906 ext 2. 

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