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In addition to helping you establish your business and financial plans, the Youth strategy program offers financial aid in the form of an unsecured personal loan valued between $5,000 and $25,000. Young promoters benefit from a 24 month interest holiday. This financial aid must be used to start up, acquire, expand or modernise a business. The aid granted may also be used to build up the promoter’s capital outlay.

Eligibility criteria

  • To be between 18 and 39 years of age (a maximum of 2 admissible youth per company);

  • The applicant must demonstrate entrepreneurial qualities and managerial know-how;

  • The applicant must be the primary owner of the business (or be in charge of the business);

  • The company’s head office must be located in the area served by the SADC de Gaspé;

  • The company must not create unfair competition for other businesses already established in the area;

  • The project must demonstrate that it has the potential to be profitable and viable;

  • The entrepreneur must provide a capital outlay of approximately 10% of the loan’s principal in funds or assets;

  • The loan cannot be used to refinance existing debt;

  • The loan cannot be used to refinance existing debt


Terms and conditions

Interest payments may be deferred for the first 24 months, however a monthly amount of capital may be required. At the 2 year deferment period, the accumulated amount will immediately be deducted from the capital, or go towards any other purpose the SADC of Gaspé deems useful.

  • The maximum term is 7 years;

  • Life insurance and disability insurance are required;

  • Interest rate: Prime business rate of the Bank of Canada plus 3% ;

  • The loan serves to top up capital outlay in the form of funds, fixed assets, start-up costs or working capital;

  • A service charge equal to one percent (1%) of the loan principle is due and payable when the loan is paid out.

Priority sectors

The sectors retained by the SADC de Gaspé are :

  • Fisheries and aquaculture

  • Forest and agriculture

  • Manufacturing and processing

  • Tourism

  • New economy

  • Trade and service sector (The start-up of certain types of trade and services businesses is excluded)

SADC de Gaspé

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15, rue Adams, office 200,

Gaspé (Québec)

G4X 1E5

Phone : (418) 368-2906

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