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SADC – Financial aid program – Conventional loan

Jennifer Jean – Dépanneur du Versant


Since early May, Jennifer Jean has offered a smiling welcome to every client who steps into Dépanneur du Versant, her convenience store in Gaspé’s Wakeham neighbourhood. Having been involved to some extent in the business world in the past, she decided to take the leap and become her own boss on a full-time basis by acquiring the shop… a decision that has more than delighted her in the months that have passed since then. “I always wanted to have my own business ever since I was a little girl. I just love being with people and speaking with them! I already had some part-time experience working on my own but I really wanted to enjoy this adventure full time!”

While Jennifer Jean can now take pleasure in her life-long dream come true, it nevertheless took 7 months to complete all the preliminary steps and find the money she
needed up front. To successfully launch her project, the new entrepreneur was able to count on technical support from the Gaspé SADC and a conventional loan extended via the agency’s financial aid program. This program is specifically for people who want to start, build or acquire an enterprise. The loan is available to people of all ages and can be for up to $250,000; and capital repayment can be deferred for the first year… an interesting option for those who, like Jennifer Jean, want to go into business “The SADC helped support me throughout the early stages as I was looking for my start-up capital and negotiating the acquisition. I greatly appreciated their services and I don’t think I would have made it without them.”

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