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SADC – Youth Strategy Loan

Auberge Chic-Chac, Murdochville

It takes good tools to build a strong house. It also takes good tools to build a sound business, to lay down a

firm foundation. This is what the Gaspé SADC provides through its Youth Strategy Program, which gives young people from 18 to 39 the opportunity to obtain a personal loan of up to $25,000 with a 24-month leave of interest. The loan can be used to acquire, start up, expand or modernise a business.


Guillaume Molaison and his wife Éloïse Bourdon are amongst those who have seized this opportunity for the Auberge Chic-Chac in Murdochville. The rest is history: from one thing to another, through word of mouth, the reputation of their business has snowballed, drawing the attention of hundreds of powder-loving skiers who throng there every year to explore the sensational wilderness sectors.


Backed by their ideas and fine tools, the couple has managed to build a solid business that today is known throughout Québec and even beyond its borders. “When you’re at the beginning and you still have everything to do, to build, to acquire, and you know you’ve got financial support with a two-year leave of interest, it gives you room to breathe and to focus on the business.”


Are you thinking about starting your own business and building a future that suits you? Whether you’re drawn by the fisheries, agriculture, tourism, manufacturing sector, processing or any other innovative project, contact the Gaspé SADC to get it off to a good start.

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